jueves, 4 de octubre de 2012

Selección USA recauda fondos para viajar al Mundial

 Jugadoras en un puesto vendiendo

Bremerton roller hockey players rolling to Brazil

Women's World Roller Hockey Championships

Seven of the 11 players representing the United States at the upcoming Women's World Roller Hockey Championships, Nov. 11-17 at Recife, Brazil, are current or past members of the Bremerton Hurricanes.

Bremerton Roller Hockey Club's Frankie Lee, who played multiple times on the men's world team, will once again coach the women at the world tournament.
Autumn Lee, Ceilidh Sligh, Kennedy Lee and Bethany Near recently helped the Hurricanes win a women's national championship in Cumberland, Md. — the club's 18th title in 20 years.
They'll be joined in Brazil by Tonya Vensel, Erin House, and Gwen Barry — a big part of the Hurricanes' dynasty and past U.S. world teams. The three veterans agreed to come out of semi-retirement to fill out a roster that was short of world-class players.

Hockey Patines Femenino - Ladies Rink Hockey

Jugadoras del Bremerton Hurricane Ladies convocadas para el Mundial

Siete jugadoras de la selección USA de hockey patines realizan diversas actividades para recaudar fondos para viajar a Brasil para competir en el Mundial de Recife. El motivo es que el Comité Olímpico no financiará dicho viaje.

"7 Females from Bremerton are traveling with Team USA to compete in the 11th Women's Rink Hockey World Championships in Recife, Brazil Nov. 10th-17th. These ladies are responsible for the funding as it has been cut from the Olympic committee".

"We promise it won't be a night that you will not want to miss!! Action, right here in Bremerton!!! Also check out your Local BKAT TV for a View of us Ladies Playing a Practice game live!!"



 Lavado de coches en Bremerton Skateland


"A Fundraiser to send our Lady Sno-Devils (Elizabeth Harmon, Kimberly Hughes, & Kylie Hughes) to the World Championships in Recife, Brazil. All proceeds go to our Alaskan Team USA members. Come in, join the fun, and help send our Ladies to the World Championships!"

 Otras 3 seleccionadas juegan en el equipo del Anchorage en Alaska

Lady Sno-Devils, now Team USA.... So proud of our girls!
Come show your support Wed., Oct. 10th!

Elizabeth Harmon, Kimberly Hughes y Kylie Hughes

"Come out and support your local female athletes!"

"If you all TRULY love me, you will either share this post or buy a ticket!"

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